Courier Journal Death Notices: June 3 to July 8, 1869

I have had a difficult time tracking down a burial location for my great-great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Harlammert Nonte. A health department record shows her date of death as June 3, 1869 in Louisville, KY. Although this same record lists her place of burial as Eastern Cemetery, I have been unable to verify this with cemetery records around the time. In hopes of obtaining more information from an obituary, I searched death notices published in the Louisville Courier Journal around the time of her death. Unfortunately, there were no Nontes or Harlammerts listed.

In the end, I wanted to post the information I was able to obtain from this search just in case another family researcher happens to have an ancestor who passed away in Louisville around this same time.

The document below lists all of the surnames recorded in the Local Notices: “Died” section of the Louisville Courier Journal from June 3 to July 8, 1869:

Courier Journal Death Notices June-Jul 1869